About Us

Teamwork2wealth was formed in July of 2008 with the idea that “together we are better and together we win”. The name says it all. We were built for community. To share with one-another, love one-another, to respect one-another, and learn from one-another to better serve the people of this world.

Our mission is keeping our commitments.

Our vision is to love all people where they are at, care for those we serve, and share the peace and knowledge that comes from this.

Our culture is something we take very seriously, because when a company has a loving, caring and purpose-driven culture, those we serve see it and those who work with us know why they do.

We have modeled these Servant Leadership Tenets from one of our carriers National Life Group and are based on our mission, vision and values. These tenets act as guideposts to the work we do every day.

  • We inspire others to do their best and be their best selves.
  • We seize the opportunity to provide timely, constructive coaching when the situation arises.
  • We demonstrate respect for others.
  • We say what we mean.
  • We empower others to make good decisions.
  • We respectfully disagree with others without fear of consequences.
  • We value an inclusive, diverse culture.
  • We invite debate on business issues and encourage others to speak their minds.
  • We hold each other accountable.
  • We consistently deliver high quality service.
  • We are committed to making National Life Group a better place to work.
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